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Green Side Up Landscaping   

 "Where Quality is still Reasonable"  

Green Side Up is proud to offer many landscape products and services. We handle everything from layout to installation.

Softscape - Consists of the animate elements of landscaping. Such as plants, trees, and turf. These additions are a great way to soften and bring life to your landscape space.

Hardscape - Consists of the inanimate elements of landscaping, particularly any masonry, stone, or woodwork. These products create useable space, help add definition to your landscape design. 

 Retaining Walls- Can be used to create more useable space by leveling out a steep lot. Help with embankment erosion, water diversion. Most common materials used are rock outcropping, Rosetta outcropping or masonry block.

 Paverstone Patios and Walkways- Provides a solid more inviting surface for your outdoor gathering area. More user friendly then rock or turf. There are a variety of patterns, textures, colors and sizes to offer endless design styles.

Outdoor Firepit and Fireplace- Provides a safe place to enjoy a fire. Can be installed in conjunction with paverstone patio, concrete pad or prepared ground. Available as a kit or can be custom fabricated. 

Concrete- Is a great alternative material to fabricate steps, sidewalks, driveways, cart paths and patios. Concrete can be colored and has many finish options available. 

Landscape Edging- For a beautiful, timeless way to separate elements of your landscaping. You can choose from a wide selection of edging materials.

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