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Green Side Up Landscaping 

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Bed Layout - Shrub and tree size, color, and placement are crucial factors, which "Green Side Up" is skilled in.

Tree and Shrub Installation - We understand all the varieties of trees and shrubs and will always make the proper choices for your situation. Proper installation ensures healthy growth and a long life.

Perennial Gardens - Our full familiarity with new & interesting varieties make your garden pop.

Hardscapes - A "Hardscape" consists of the inanimate elements of landscaping, particularly any masonry, stone, or woodwork. We can help meet your hardscaping goals.

Retaining Walls - Rock and Segmental - We design and install all sizes of retaining walls.
Paverstone Patios and Walkways - Let us create an inviting outdoor space with our outstanding ideas.

Water Gardens - We install water gardens in various sizes and complexity. They include full filtration systems to keep the water crystal clear.

Maintenance - If a gorgeous landscape is not properly taken care of the whole effect is ruined, not to mention plants, trees, shrubs, and grass life can be threatened.

Outdoor Fireplaces and Firepits - Enjoy the nighttime ambiance of a professionally installed firepit or fireplace.
Retaining walls add to your home’s beauty and make those difficult areas more manageable. They are generally used to give support to vertical sloping land. Such sloping land can then be leveled and hence be of greater use. Plants, trees and gardens can be incorporated to further magnify the beauty.

For a beautiful, timeless way to separate elements of your landscaping, consider edging by "Green Side Up". Choose from a wide selection of edging materials to contain your flower beds and gardens. Our landscape edging not only adds aesthetic value to your lawn, but also helps contain mulch and rock, prevent soil erosion, stop root invasion, and ensure better plant hydration. You can even use edging to set off a patio area, highlight a particular area of landscaping, beautify a sidewalk, and more.

The skilled worker's at "Green Side Up" can work to select the right edging materials and install edging that flows seamlessly with your existing landscaping or new landscaping project.
We understand all the varieties of trees, plants and shrubs and will always make the proper choices for your situation. Proper installation ensures healthy growth and a long life.
Landscape stairs and walkways are an essential part to any landscape idea or garden.

By blending beauty and functionality, we make it easier to not only connect multiple spaces, but also for you to connect with family and friends.
Whether you are seeking path's or a patio for an entirely new landscaping project or hoping to incorporate walkways or a patio into an existing area, "Green Side Up" can help. Our walkway's and patio's blend seamlessly around any new or existing landscape. We do more than create a patio — we create warm, welcoming spaces. Our patios beckon you and your guests to enjoy your outdoor living space.
Homeowners are discovering they can entertain outdoors even when it’s chilly with the warm and festive glow of an elegant fireplace or fire pit. They are an excellent way to enhance your event in any season. Whether they are keeping you cozy on a cool spring or fall evening, or providing family and friends with an opportunity to roast marshmallows and tell campfire stories during summer nights, a fire pit or fireplace is sure to provide an enjoyable experience for entertaining of all ages.
Water features such as waterfalls, fountains and bubbling rocks aren’t new to residential landscapes but they are once again gaining popularity.

With so many people enjoying the outdoor spaces of their home, adding a water feature seems like a given. Incorporating a water element into your yard can create sound, excitement, focal points, gathering spots for entertaining. The great thing about water features is their versatility. Whether you are drawn to modern, symmetrical styles or rustic, vintage gardens, there is a water feature for everyone. Nothing makes a better garden focal point than a beautiful fountain. Often, they can be that missing piece in your landscape design.
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